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    Tuesday, November 30, 2010

    From Andrew Breitbart: WikiLeaks Did Americans a Public Service

    I have to admit I have told a few people I am not as upset about WikiLeaks as a lot of people are. I was scared to admit that, but the first WikiLeak I read was about the number of civilian casualties in Iraq, a number that is much larger than the number of insurgents killed. It's a shame the federal government hides this information from the American people, after all, it's the American people who pay for the smart bombs that are supposed to hit their targets to limit these casualties.

    Obviously, a good chunk of the federal budget goes to defense, and there has always been an American humanitarian spirit in war that we not only take care of our own, but we also treat our enemies in the battlefield if there is space to treat them. As well, Americans in battle traditionally don't pursue civilian casualties. One of the positives I have found from WikiLeaks is knowing that defense contractors are overselling the effectiveness of precision smart weaponry, and perhaps we need to push the defense industry to improve on these weapons to limit the amount of civilian casualties.

    I was surprised to see a piece on Breitbart today that was titled "WikiLeaks Performed a Public Service" written by Larry Klayman who also looks at positive aspects of the WikiLeaks.

    I applaud the release of over 250,000 documents by WikiLeaks. While I do not condone breaking the law, if indeed this was the means to obtain and release so-called national security documents, the hard fact is that the government has again been caught lying to the American people about the motives and means behind its foreign policy. The administrations of Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and now Barack Obama have been exposed to be not only deceitful, but incompetent in their foreign policy. It is a sad day, for example, when the King of Saudi Arabia has been revealed to have more common sense and fortitude than Barack Obama, in advocating the removal of the radical Islamic regime in Iran and the destruction of the terrorist state’s nuclear program.

    That Attorney General Eric Holder, a criminal in his own right given his past participation during the Clinton administration in illegally helping to sell pardons and other perks for campaign contributions, has threatened WikiLeaks officials and others with prosecution is typical of a government that wants to subvert the interests of the American people by falsifying and keeping secret its own crimes and failures.

    That a group like WikiLeaks had to arguably break the law to lay bear the dishonesty and incompetence of American foreign policy shows just how crooked our government itself is, and this is why the nation is on the verge of revolution. It’s why the Tea Party has taken hold, and why the Democrats were, in a landslide, recently removed from control of the House of Representatives. But the wrath of the nation is not limited to the Democrats. The document dump of WikiLeaks unmasks the dishonest, stupid, incompetent, and failed secret foreign policies of both parties.

    By exposing this corruption, WikiLeaks’ document dump will hopefully have a positive effect on future American foreign policy.
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    Nice to see Breitbart calling it as he sees it, and not towing the company(republican) line, and i agree with him in this case.