Andrea Rossi: Game Changer or Mad Scientist

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Andrea Rossi E-Cat Energy Catalyzer

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  1. What do you think about Andrea Rossi's E-Cat (Energy Catalyzer) technology? Game Changer, Stinks of Fraud or just your run of the mill Mad Scientist.

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    2011 - Andrea Rossi Explains His Energy Catalyzer

    Welcome to my laboratory. This is where we make the tests of our reactors and of the modules that we will go to compound the one megawatt plant that we are manufacturing, and will be started in October in Greece.

    Let's start from the very beginning. We have here the plug that is taking power from the grid. You can say that we are consuming or drawing 3.4 amperes. 3.4 amperes with voltage of 220 volts which is the normal voltage in Italy. So, we are taking 3.4 times 220 is 748 watt hours per hour. This is the energy that we are taking out. Later we will see how much energy we are producing with the E-Cat.

    Now you will see the E-Cats. These are the E-Cats. At the moment we are making a test with one E-Cat which is this one. This is the thermal couple that measures the temperature in the chimney of the reactor. The reactor is this, in this area. This is the insulation the black one, and this is the chimney. And from the chimney exits the steam and through this black hose that goes to the sink. Here is the sink and the steam goes through there. And we also have another thermal couple which is this one. This thermal couple measures the temperature of the water that goes inside the reactor. This is a pump that pumps from this reservoir to the reactor. So you can see this pipe pumping water from the reservoir, and sends the water through this blue hose to the inlet of the E-Cat which is this. Here we have a double wall jacket between the two walls we have a flow of water. The water cools down the reactor and turns to steam. The energy will be calculated considering the amount of water that we consume every hour, that we consume by weighing, by measuring the weight by the water we consume. And the delta T,: the difference of temperature between the two thermal couples.

    In this of the data of the two thermal couples, as you can see from these wires flow through this data collector, and this data collector sends that to the computer. In fact, if we go to see the monitor of this computer, we will see that we have in the first column, C1, is the room temperature. Today it is a very hot day. We have 31.8 degrees Celsius in the room. In this side here, we have in C2 the temperature of the water at the inlet of the reactor, which is the water in the reservoir. Which is at this moment 26.5 Celsius degrees, which at the output we are measuring 100.1 degrees Celsius degrees because it is steam.

    We have room pressure, as everyone knows at 100 C degrees that water boils and becomes steam. These are where you can see this. The blue bottom line is the water inlet. The red line is the room temperature and the yellow line is the temperature of the steam. Now this is the control panel. Here happen all the regulations of the system. All of what happens inside the rector is regulated through this. Also temperature, suppression, etc etc. And here... oh sure.. .inside the cover I can open the cover just to let you see there is no exotic.. you can just see that here inside we do not have any batteries or any stupidity like that. This is just electronic stuff.

    And here you see another very important thing which is the measurement of the gamma rays. This is the measurement of the gamma rays. Now we are measuring .15 microseiversts per hour in the enviroment outside of the reactor. This is a standard gauge to measure the gamma radiation. This is a "gamma scout." In this moment, it is giving us data .13 micros eiverts per hour, which means we are pretty safe, because of course the reactor is shielded and the gamma rays are thermalized. The low energy gamma rays which we produced are thermalized inside of the reactor, and it is for this reason that we have energy production.

    Now to have a very rapid calculation of the energies... At this point I have also to show you the hydrogen system. This is the hydrogen tank. The hydrogen before we start the production this cap is screwed to this point. Now we have a security cap we take off this cap we screw this one and through this hose we discharge the hydrogen inside the reactor. I can say with one gram of hydrogen we have twenty four hours of work. So basically you can think we put this here security and screw this right here after taking off this green cap we put this place this silver cap and open here and here, and we will have the pressure and we have the hydrogen inside there reactor and the pressure that will work. Then we close everything. The hydrogen is charged, and for 24 hours it is set.

    Now I can explain better the system of water distribution. As you see water arrives from here, is pumped by the para-static pump through these veins that go inside the double jacket. Here inside we have a double jacket. Between the two jackets there is the cooling water, which is the water that we steam up to collect the energy. The water comes here this is the chimney. At this point the water is operated, because here we are at 99.9 degrees Celsius which is the upper limit of liquid state of water. Here we have pressure, room pressure, this is important to specify because the boiling point is a function of the pressure. This is the thermal couple that measures the temperature of the water in the chimney. Then the steam flows through this pipe. This pipe is of course is about 100 C degrees Celsius so you cannot take your hand above, and this goes to the sink where the steam is going, that is right there. Some steam is going out because... Much of what goes out. Yes, we have some condensation. But there is small condensation because this (hose) is very short and the maximum part is steam that goes out.

    Just a moment. Put it. Got it. Steam. This is steam. And of course it is not that visible because it is very hot. Being very hot, it has less density. And so it is not very visible. But you can see the steam. On white you cannot see it well. With black you can see. But it is not very visible because it is very hot. Steam you can see well at low temperatures like fog, but when it is hot it is very dispersant.

    At this moment we are making seven kilograms of water. Seven kilograms that we know perfectly because we weight the water that we put inside. Every time that we recharge, we weight the water and so we know exactly what is the weight of the water that we are passing through the reactor in one hour. The temperature is 101 degrees. This is a special rubber for high temperature. This is a rubber that resists up to 180 degrees Celsius.

    Now we can make the calculations.....
  2. jinxu


    Cold fusion is a REAL science. As you can see below, CBS did a segment about it a few years ago:

    Cold Fusion Is Hot Again By CBSNews

    And even the Navy has gotten involved with it:

    Navy Chemist May Have Rediscovered 'Cold Fusion',2933,510589,00.html

    The significance of Rossi's reactor is that he's saying it's commercially ready to go. Which is the first I've ever heard of. Only time will see what will happen as there will be a lot of challenges ahead [and oppositions] to get this technology accepted. I hope it does what he says it does as this could be the answer to our energy problems.
  3. Eight


    The energy sector minions will kill the guy if it's not fraud. Right after the guys in Utah talked about Cold Fusion, laws were passed in the US that required that any educational institution that did research in Cold Fusion would lose it's research funding.

    If I had that technology I would make units very secretly. I would then sell enough of them to every part of the world in a way that every culture would see them and realize what the capability is. I would not go to any industrial shows or show my face or reveal my identity if that is possible. I would manuf those in a third world setting somewhere and smuggle them out... I would do that for the environment if they are indeed clean...
  4. Biggest hurdle for Rossi is his credibility. Convicted convict from a previous energy endeavor.
  5. TGregg


    There's nobody who'd be happier to see cheap, abundant energy than I. Still, we've seen an endless parade of con men and their assorted losers and misfit followers march on by into oblivion. I hope this turns out to be correct, but I am very skeptical.
  6. appears to be real...

    Odd that US rights are licensed to doe connected personnel.
    my guess is too many income streams are impacted and the rollout here will be slow.
  7. LeeD


    Can it be both? Form what I understand a large proprotion (probably over 80%) of scientists who are credited with gamechanging inventions for the contemporary general public fit the definition of a "mad scientist".
  8. FAKE

    I have seen like 50 of these news articles and none worked out.
  9. AK100


    Too true, there's far to much potential profit and investment (for the current incumbent energy companies) to have that all ruined.

    Big business, and there's no bigger business that big oil can play very dirty.
  10. i am willing to bet my left testicle that this is fake (in the sense that when all the tests are done no cold fusion will be confirmed).

    but this may not be fraud. he may actually believe that he "saw" something and is honestly trying recapitulate his results.
    #10     Jun 25, 2011