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    Ive read the posts and reviews... just curious if anyone is currently employed, and if so hows hammer??? plus what is the optimal payout, and what is the average there... do they have a successful training program, and if not are there successful traders to work along with???
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    I am currently trading with andover remote. In my opinion Hammer is the best platform out there. Payout all depends on what you are bringing to the table ($, experience ..ect) Good luck with you search.



    Payout is 100%.
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    how much does one put up to receive 100% payout???
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    what is the link to theyre website???
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    It wasn't too tricky, I went to Google and typed in Assent LLC, which gave me this link:

    Everyone, please use this link to answer your questions, or contact the firm directly. There's no need for repetitive threads that, somehow, often turn into recruitment or flaming threads. Thanks.

  7. ....yeah. i hate when that happens!!!:D
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    i looked only under "andover" as the search term...