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  1. zangari3


    I am currently trading in a proprietary office and I am thinking about trading with Andover remote. Anyone that has any suggestions or advice. It would be greatly appreciated

  2. They are one of the most well known "prop" daytrading operations. Their commission rates are very good, generally, and they seem to have a pretty good thing going.

    My impression was that whoever signs you up gets a cut of the revenue you will generate in commissions, and make no mistake - they want new customers, so don't feel guilty about negotiating with them to get the best deal you can.

    People (usually managers fishing for new customers) are fond of raving about their "Hammer" platform. I used it and had no complaints, although definately try out the demo (especially if you are remote) to make sure it suits your style of trading. Other than that they seemed as honest as any of the other major prop groups you talk to.