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    whats the deal with this firm? is the hammer worth the lack of integrity of Andover?
  2. Very powerful, versatile software. But then again, so is Greybox (Hold Bros.), Lightspeed (Momentum Securities), Edgetrade software and Sonic Trading's platform. It seems like the same group of programmers and traders is making all of the best execution software out there.
  3. Nothing wrong with the software, it's a good key stroke based system. Could be a bit more stable, but they could've improved it by now since I left.
  4. well, andover sucks anyways. used them before and had nothing but problems. go to a real prop firm like schonfeld.
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    Are you currently with schonfeld, or with "Knight" trading?
  6. Thank you Knighttrader for proving once again that you can take a good idea like this message board and turn it into a personal tool for spreading garbage and self promotion.

    "Andover sucks.." If they're not a good firm, how about posting facts and letting everyone else make their own judgment.

    "A real prop firm like schonfeld" Again, if Schonfeld is a great firm, why not post some comparisons and let people decide on their own.

    Before you degenerate this into an attack, I'm a commodities trader for an energy company and have no vested interest in any of the prop firms.

    The majority of people who come to these boards, do so to find good factual information. If you've got nothing to contribute but useless ranting, go jump on a yahoo board with all the other idiots.
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    I'v heard from many traders Andover is not a good company to work with, however these comments always seem too general. Can anyone specifically tell me what they have problems with.

    Are problems related to trading; ie. execution, performance of their system, confirmations, or are the problems related to communication and actually dealing with management.

    I would really appreciate if someone could answer these questions for me.

    Thanks in advance.
  8. I only clear through andover, so I can only speak to the reliability of Hammer. We have been trading on their platform for more than two months now and have yet to have one problem. So far Hammer and speed of execution ROCKS. No problems at all.
  9. If more of us speak up, we might be able to put an end to hecklers on this site!! Cause all they do is ruin things. Good post.
  10. New member of ET but have lurked for a while. I am looking at switching firms and moving to Andover. Some constructive positive and negative feedback would really be appreciated.
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