Andover becomes "Assent LLC"

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    It looks like Andover has changed their name. I'm guessing it's to reflect the merger with Sungard.

    :) BMW
  2. Here's a question. Now that the merger is done, does this mean that the new Assent, formerly Andover, is no longer self clearing? They sold that part of the business to Sungard. So does this mean, that Assent is now using Sungard to clear, which means that the money is not protected by Sungard anymore?
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    I am not sure, but that is good info. to find out. Does anyone know if Sungard is now liable for customer accounts over at Assent LLC?

    - BMW
  4. do you have a published news article on this?,

    you know, from those unbaised Wall Street Analysts or something?
  5. No, I'm just curious as to what the new structure is. From what I understand, the new ANdover, is a stand alone entity. So the traders under the new Andover are only prtotected up to the new Andovers assets, not Sungards. So it makes Andover like every other prop shop, except they are no longer self clearing.
  6. unless it was not publically made an issue of, I've never found the news articles on their merger with Sungard...

    did you have a link on that, as well as other developments over there?
  7. I posted the Andover/Sungard article on this site. You have to search for it.
  8. not trying to start a fire here but curious as to why you seem to always be in the middle of any discussion related to andover???
    are you not a hold trader?
  9. Can I not find out information about a firm? Maybe I want to switch. Just because I'm with one firm doesn't mean I'm trying to be negative. Just trying to get some information. I think I got the answer, but want to see if someone else can confirm it.
  10. would be nice to repost that article here in this thread
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