Andover/Assent Vegas Office now open

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by thetraderprofit, May 21, 2003.

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  1. We is open
  2. BFD.


    Never ceases to amaze me the negativity in certain people. Your reply to the guy who mentioned their office was open was uncalled for. What did he (or the office) do to adversely impact you? Probably nothing ... maybe you got up on the wrong side of bed today or were on the wrong side of a few trades.

    And I have nothing to do with this office ... I live thousands of miles from Las Vegas and trade from my home.
  4. It's not the opening we are concerned's the closing,,,,,,
    especially when people are buying into an LLC in the heart of long before the fund 'manager' takes the investors $$ and hit's the black jack table?????


    Why is it that every time there is something said about Andover/Assent, you ALWAYS have a negative comment?
  6. Probably because he knows he will immediately be countered by four or five enthusiastic pumpers from the aforementioned firm(s).


    Four or five enthusiastic pumpers? Oh, i see ... math isn't a strength of yours. I don't see any "pumpers" yet ... if recess is over maybe you'll focus on math this afternoon ... you guys who constantly have nothing but criticism to post would be better off if you put your energies into trying to learn how to succeed at trading ...
  8. I am a partner in the office and I can assure you I plan to hit the Blackjack table as soon as your check arrives.:D
  9. To be honest, I posted the opening of the office because we'd love to have some new traders.

    However, the fact is that we can cover our costs with just the few people with which we started.

    Everyone in the office earned over $200k last year. It's a great learning experience for someone with a little capital who wants to have a chance to make money.

    We're not going to fill the office with shlubs just to earn a buck.

  10. Because I have received spam and other unwanted crap from these people who pretend to be traders or "new guys' who just want some honest info.....and then they contact me and say " Actually i run the place and can cut you a great deal"

    I said it before and I'll say it again: IF Bendover is so great and if their Hammer is as good as they say, why not buy a board like Bright, IB, PointDirex, ect....?????
    #10     May 21, 2003
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