Andersen then and now

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  1. From today's WSJ:
    What's more important, how you start or how you finish?
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    Interesting note. The Arthur Anderson was the name of the ship that was watching over/guiding the Edmund Fitzgerald by radio after it lost its radar equipment and the lighthouse malfunctioned. The Fitzgerald went off course, hit the bottom and sank. One of the biggest maritime disasters in this country this century.
  3. izzatso?
  4. AA got fucked, by an over zealous, over reaching Justice Dept. There aint no Justice anymore.
  5. ok super-ego, you just proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are a complete retard.
  6. LOL Hehehehehe. What a dumb statement! LMAO
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    Let's be fair, why do you say that super-ego? It seemed that AA messed up lots of companies...right now Qwest is being investigated and they admitted that their accounting is flawed due to their accounting practice...seemed they got what they deserved.