And you thought that the Russians were careless.

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    September 6, 2007

    SouthAmerica: When nothing else is working and you are getting desperate – do a staging act.

    Iran – are you guys paying attention to this show of power?

    By the way, we were lucky that there was no problem during this staging job.

    But if they had one of these “OPS” accidents – and the plane had crashed for any reason – then the US probably would have lost one or two states in the process.

    The Unites States have been blaming the Russians because they are supposed to be careless with their nuclear arsenal, but in the US such a thing would never happen regarding our nukes.

    Quoting from the enclosed article: “A B-52 bomber from the Minot Air Force Base was mistakenly armed with 5 nuclear warheads and flown for more then three hours across several states.”




    Nuclear Bombs Mistakenly Flown Over U.S.

    The national spotlight focuses on the Magic City as the Air Force investigates how a B-52 bomber at the Minot Air Force Base was loaded with nuclear missiles and flown across the country last week.

    We have now learned this huge mistake has cost one squadron commander his job and other airman have been temporarily decertified.

    Air Force officials say the public was never in danger as most of us just want to know how can this possibly happen.

    … Air Force officials say all weapons have been accounted for and at no time was public safety in jeopardy.

    "The public was never in danger. Safety is paramount in every munitions activity. Designs in safety features as well as specific handling, maintenance, transportation and storage procedures are all in place to minimize the risk to everyone and especially the general public," says Lieutenant Colonel Thomas.


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    SouthAmerica: If such a OPS crash ever happened the Bush administration probably would try to put a positive spin on the story.

    Look at the bright side the US lost two states inside its borders, but the US added two new states outside of its borders – Iraq and Afghanistan.

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    September 6, 2007

    SouthAmerica: When I saw the article about this mistake involving nuclear warheads I started wondering how this kind of mistake could happen today?

    What kind of security the US has related to these nukes?

    Could one of these nukes end up in Iraq or Afghanistan by mistake?

    Or even worse - could the United States use a nuclear warhead by mistake in one of these raids on the frontier with Pakistan?

    This is one more example of how the defense system of the US is deteriorating to a point that it looks like they are following the footsteps of the Soviet Union before their collapse.

    Losing the war in Iraq, in Afghanistan, losing track of nuclear warheads.....

    what can we expect to happen next?

  4. When you have a bureaucracy, larger than even a stand-in surrogate emergency bureaucracy could cope with, monumental screw ups are par for the course.

    Even life threatening, apocalypse style screw ups, happens all the time SA.

    Thats the world we live in.
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    if gore was in the white house,none of this would happen of course. bush personally send messages to the pilots to be a careless because that would be an american thing to do
  6. Your'e very naive, arent't you. If it is possible to fly around armed nukes without anyone knowing on the spot why, when and how this happened, how difficult would it be to fly the thing to NY and drop it on Manhattan? I mean, getting the armed nukes is the hard part. The rest is relatively easy, or should be.

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    apparently south america blames everything from janets wardrobe malfunction to his constant losses in the stock market on bush
  8. How do you know they were armed? Anyway, bombers carrying nukes routinely overfly the US. How else would they get to their bases in places like Minot? It is a little 24-ish that they could load them on a plane without anyone apparently knowing or caring.
  9. During the cold war, Soviet computers indicated incoming. So they ordered a full retaliation strike.

    But the military General in charge of pushing the button listened to reason, and decided it must be a computer error. He refused to launch.

    He was right, but he was fired.

    Had he launched, the US would have launched.

    Anyone who knows about the ramifications of full, simultaneous retaliative strikes understands what this would have meant for both counties and to the world.

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    Daal: apparently south america blames everything from janets wardrobe malfunction to his constant losses in the stock market on bush


    September 11, 2007

    SouthAmerica: Who told you that I have any losses in the stock market?

    I don't know why you are assuming such a thing?

    You probably have not read many of my postings otherwise you would not make such a silly statement.

    I can guarantee you that I have not lost money on the stock market.

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