And you thought Bush was bad

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  1. If you guys thought Bush was bad, you should listen to some of Qhadafi Jewels:

    1- Women have the right to nominate themselves regardless if they were men or women;
    2- If it wasn't for electricity, we would've ended watching TV in the dark;
    3- I am not a dictator to shut down access to the facebook but I will arrest anyone who uses it; and
    4- Demonstrate as much as you want but do not take to the streets and squares
  2. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    heh...are you sure those arent bad translations? did he actually say it that way?

    if so, hilarious!
  3. Of course you cannot get the exact translation of his, out of this world, rambling. But he really said that. It was not taken out of context.
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    And this is what we think of him.

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