and you think today (Thurs June 26th) was bad...wait until tomorrow...must read here.

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  1. Futures are up! :D is carry trade.
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  3. Consumer Sentiment - 48% or lower

    Nothing suprising

    I am REALLY worried about next Thursday.
  4. for Oil to possibly over take $140 and Corn 8.00..while the ec numbers create another massive sell off...also end of month and all the items with that...
  5. I was watching the Yen. They had some really bullish numbers come out tonight, but the big one (consumer spending) was negative. Yen is down from it's close. Had all the numbers been bullish it would have been interesting to see what happens.

    For one reason or another carry trade seems to follow U.S. Markets or vice-versa.
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  7. bad=good

    Sellers have to be washed out before the market can stage a significant rally.p$