And While London Burns

Discussion in 'Politics' started by londoner, Dec 4, 2006.

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    Has anybody else come across "And While London Burns" yet? It's a mystery-opera-guided tour set in the City of London, that takes you on a journey through banks, insurance companies and hedge funds.

    Pretty rare to come across something that combines art & politics with the finance sector, so I thought I'd give it a go. Last Friday I downloaded the soundtrack onto my mp3-player and headed off to 1 Poultry, to experience it for myself.

    "And while london burns" examines the power of London's financial institutions in the time of climate change, i.e. now. The makers describe it as "bathed in fire, flood, love and turmoil" and a "collision of thriller, opera and guided walk". And I have to agree, it's pretty hard-hitting.
    I went in to it with a pretty snooty attitude, but have come away asking myself lots of questions about my work & what i really believe in.

    see for yourself. It only takes about an hour - you can fit it into your lunch break.