And we were blaming the Nigerians?!

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  1. Last update - 14:08 05/07/2009

    Last update - 14:08 05/07/2009

    9 Israelis suspected of scamming millions from U.S. pensioners

    By Yuval Goren, Haaretz Correspondent

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    The Tel Aviv police fraud squad arrested on Sunday nine Israelis on suspicion of netting millions of dollars from U.S. pensioners in a so-called Nigerian scam.

    Police raided an office in the city, which is suspected to have been the nerve center of the dodgy enterprise. The defendants, all in their 20s and 30s, allegedly phoned American pensioners, told them they had won the lottery and asked them for a fee of several thousand dollars for the transfer of the prize money, which in fact never existed.

    The investigation has been conducted in conjunction with U.S. law enforcement agencies.

    Last week, it was reported that the American agencies had urged Israel Police to step up the extradition procedure of another ten Israelis who were suspected of scamming $2 million in similar means.

    Most of the ten defendants in the advance-fee scam, which was unveiled by police last September, are in their early twenties, without a criminal record.

    The first hearing in their extradition plea took place last week, after a New York law enforcement official said many of the victims are old and frail, and urged the Israeli police to bring the alleged offenders to imminent justice.
  2. New York law enforcement official said many of the victims are old and frail,

    They don't really need the money anyway. sheesh, wealth wasted on the old and frail, whazzup wid dat?
  3. You know the old saying..."you cant cheat an honest man" These guys knew they didnt enter any lottery and sent their money off fast im sure hoping to cash in before they the lottery officials "figured it out"

    If they just let their greed stop thinking for them for 2 seconds they could say to themselves...hmm...I'm getting 10 million dollars, but i have to send 3,000 as a processing fee. Wait a minute...why cant they just take it out of the check or extend me credit until i get the cash?

    But no...they are so scared they wont get the money if they dont send in their 3,000 dollar check that they rush it off in desperation. That should be their first hint.