And this is why you dont let homosexuals adopt children.

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  1. So you're affirming that no heterosexual parent ever did the same thing?
  2. Hetero men usually do not rape little boys.
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    ^True. But hetero child sexual abuse is fairly common. Which is messed.
  4. Complete BS. fairly common my ass . Do you have any real numbers ?
  5. I think the Catholic Church might have some numbers on that one.
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    Prostituting your adopted child is really sick. That should warrent life in prison.
  7. Death imo
  8. Absolutely.

    Regarding gay couples adopting children. Going with the simple things here. They, as with all adoptive parents, go through a thorough screening process, not perfect but pretty rigid. Earnings, home life, all that stuff is considered. Much better than many, yes many, standard male female parenting going on in this Country of ours. Just hating gays does not apply to adopting children, no way.

  9. Not hetero males in that queer choir .:)
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