And they say there is no PPT

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  1. I guess everyone just had to buy during the last 1/2 hour on a Friday during a volatile week.

  2. And all those Fridays with those 40 point ES drops in 5 mins of course don't count in that analysis.
  3. The Fed injected more liquidity. The third time today....
  4. The evidence for a "PPT" is seriously lacking; the theory itself smacks of conspiracy theory.
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    Who cares either way? Don't tell me it distorts the "market". The game is rigged anyway. Accept it and play along or don't play. Its that simple.
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    I had a great close. Thank gawd for PPT.

    Holding a few more units into the close.
  7. Out of curiosity, where did you find out about that?
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    Do you have the internet or CNBC?
    I think Maria Butt Aroma mentioned it 37 times in the past hour.

    el surdo sambista

    Central banks act again
    The Fed on Friday injected a total of $38 billion into the markets in three steps, which began with a $19 billion injection into the banking system, followed by a second addition of $16 billion and finally a third dose of $3 billion.
    The Fed's decision to conduct multiple operations could mean "there is a greater strain in the market than is evident" or that the central bank wants to make sure there is enough liquidity in the financial system to help it stabilize, said Crescenzi.
    Earlier, the European Central Bank added another $83.6 billion, after Thursday's $130 billion injection, and the Bank of Japan on Friday added $8.5 billion.
    The U.S. Federal Reserve on Thursday added $24 billion in temporary reserves, and Canada's central bank put $1.55 billion into the markets.
  10. So CNBC is the PPT?
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