...And They Have a Plan. (Live.)

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    Ya, I might follow along on the sidelines stalking and trolling and get some shots in here and there too, hehe.
    :) (salivating, licking chops)
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    I think ON would be disappointed if you didn’t.
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    Damn, looked through the journal and noticed the typo above, about not being updated since 09/03. I meant 11/03. *seethes*

    I still be waiting to close out the two longs I am currently in. My risk-averse nature is preventing me from going in deeper. Shit, could have made 500 bux today if I wasn't so...wimpy.
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    May I know that type of chart are these?
    They are similar to renko chart.
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    It's a customized version of unirenko bars.
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    Latest update...

    Closed out only one of the long-term longs (March NQ) in trying to find the peak. I got that one today. The YM has not hit it's peak yet in my estimation, so hung onto it. Took some daytrades in there as I saw the opportunitues for intraday trend breaks (mostly long).

    So summaries follow. As usual, here are the cumulatives...

    The update continuing from 10/27...

    end of nov trade1.JPG

    Total year thus far...

    end of nov trade1a.JPG

    And total summary screen...

    end of nov trade total sum for year perf.JPG

    Here's the open YM long...

    nov ym open.JPG

    My target on this will be 100 points from entry. I want my 500 bux on this assholish dumb entry. I am sure I will get it before X-Mas. I would hold into rollover if target is not hit, if I didn't want to be flat at end of year. But I'd like to be flat by end of year. But who knows? It may start going against me in a couple weeks, and may take a loss. We'll see.
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    K, so where'd we leave off...

    Trade# 127 on the all-time list.

    Here's the updated trade list from trade #127...


    And here's the total summary from beginning of year...


    A few things of note...

    The YM trade that was open from previous post, at entry of 23482, you can see was carried past 100 ticks.

    Also, in there you can see the June NQ long, the entry at 6277 I had mentioned missing on the super-free no risk $$$$$ thread, but got in at 6320.

    As for the rest? Just trying to work out many things in my head about how to turn losing daytrade entries into winning position trades using the only edge I can currently find, which is time.

    AND, I am finally transitioning into 2-contract positions, (as you can see for the past week of entry/exits) which should help the profit curve go...more up. :)

    Speaking of which, here's the equity curve from beginning of year. Rick free $$$$ man gave me that idea, so post it here in case people might want to see it. The dead zone from March to August is because of the pause in live trading. But yes, it can be done! Mostly!


    I will have an end-of-year synopsis of this whole thing around X-mas time. I looked though the tax forms and see no real detriment to holding open positions though the end of the year, so that option is now open in order to make better use of the time edge.

    This is my first time studying equities into a bull-year end with a major tax plan incoming, so still have fears. Look at the NQ go...If I had more experience with this, I'd still be in the NQ, and would have not gotten out at 6461.

    And all this while Saul is in my head. I better call him.

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    Party on Wayne!
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  9. Both the trade list and the profit graph are very pleasing to the eye. Well done. Keep on rocking!
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    Thanks. I try to do the best I can with what I have.
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