...And They Have a Plan. (Live.)

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    How about a broker statement that matches these numbers?
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  2. Overnight


    That can be arranged, yes. Give me a bit of time to redact.
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  3. Overnight


    K, here are the two statements as you requested, redacted for privacy. The first is the start of the journal from Jan 9th, the second is the closing statement from Feb 17th, no open positions at this time. The dates are listed at the top.

    Three notes: 1). The account balances you see are actually 5 digits, not 4. The 5th digit was redacted, along with the penny. (Employing this method with less than 10K in the account would be suicide.) 2). I withdrew $2K in the interim, so add $2K to the final number on the second statement for the true accumulative total. 3). The journal's above total does not include commish/fees in its total. Just round it to ~$4.3 per side per CT conservatively.



    So that is where it stands at this time.
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    Sorry, doesn't count unless you include your account number. ;)
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    LOLZ! They wrote a song about that you know...!

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    K well, had to take a break from trading for a while due to other obligations. So where were we? Jeez, been three weeks, mostly. Here's current standing, nothing open at this time. Feels good to be flat!

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    I asked the mods to reopen this journal thread. There may be some value to it, based upon feedback I got in PM over the past 5 months. *sighs*

    So, let us continue. It (the market) has changed, of course. CL is crap now. NQ is me new focus.

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    Here's the latest print of live-account activity, from last activity date in the thread back in March 2017...(CL went weird then, so I shifted my focus after March away from CL and onto other markets, like YM, NQ and cows. NQ seemed to have the best possibility of good price action. (Thus, we go where the meat is. Har! ))

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    Well, done trading for the week. Kinda' burned out on all the chart study to continue trying to trade out rest of Friday.

    Rule #1. When burned out, stay out! Brace, brace, brace! <---(Name that movie.)

    I'll just post updates weekly. Posting daily is just spammish.

    Pic of trade log for the week...


    And summary screen from the beginning...

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    Small update. Missed all the long action today in NQ, and got in too late. (Newbie mistake.) So I went back to hedging the calendar spread (like I used to do with CL) after I lost the ability to read what the heck was going on with my long.

    I am super hooked on calendar spreads, I can't shake the idea of them. So here's what it looks like for now. Let's see if I can get out this trade with profit.

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