...And They Have a Plan. (Live.)

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    Apology accepted.

    I just need to figure out if a new plan is right for me, or try to remodel the old plan. I have so much shit on my mind right now I can make neither heads nor tails of anything.

    The biggest issue aside from the new car payments is the fact that I need to have my first wisdom tooth extracted in a week or two. I had an upper bicuspid extracted just after Thanksgiving. That was traumatic but bearable. Now a wisdom tooth? Damnit, I hear they are the worst at an older age. I am deathly afraid of the dry socket thing. I have had jaw pain before, but from what I have read a dry socket is unbearable.

    I do not mean to get so personal, but this is the only place I can post personal stuff and find comfort and support, or constructive criticism, from a community and have fun and roll with it.

    I hate both physical and mental pain and am just so sick of it all. Hmm, might be time for a new correlation!
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    Trying to find my bearing again. Been a rough road in daytrading sim. And while sim daytrading is going well, and sim swing is doing well, sim is pointless to post. Still working on the journey.

    I am coming to grips with the fact that the system (plan) did not fail, but me as a trader failed the system (plan). I failed because of that panic flatness I felt I needed. Forgot the edge of time. I have to keep working with what I see and use that discernment. This is a tougher road than any I have been down before, because I think I know better at this point. I wish I had many more years of experience behind me.

    I have been reviewing the 1987 crash and what happened there in the DOW. If the YM existed then it would have dropped that same amount in percentage, let us call it 20%, so about 500 points. $2,500 on one contract.

    But 20% now? That would be ~4,000 points. That's $20,000 on one contract. Too much for me to bear when I freak out on a 10% correction at 2,000 points.

    I wish I had a way to trade a future that did not expire, which seems a contradiction in terms. So odd.

    What to do, what to do.

    Need to seriously get back into what made me me and how my head works.

    Like this banana phone thing. WTF was this, and why did I like it?
    (NSFW by the way!!!)

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    Ug, here's another blast from that same past. Badgers and snakes and mushrooms. Oi vey.

    And I have never done drugs. Didn't need to with people out there making this stuff up. Only ten years ago it seems. What twisted stuff was a I watching 20 years ago on the Web? hehe!

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    Oh yeah, it was something like this later on. I made it about 40 minutes into it and had to stop and skip to the end. Wheeee.

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    I've looked into options on futures, but I cannot make sense of it all yet. I have to stick with futures only.
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