And They Got Away With It

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  1. And this comes from Elliot Spitzer, well, alrighty then:D
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    Yeah, no kidding, perhaps he should make this story about how to beat a prostitution charge when you work for the government....
  3. It takes either a feeble or criminal mind not to get past the Spitzer dalliances and into what he's talking about here.
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    How many of Spitzer's much publicized financial sector arrests resulted in criminal convictions and how much of it was just extraction (extortion) of fines?
  5. There are times when the messenger and the message cannot be separated. Elliot liking prostitutes is meaningless to me, for a bunch of reasons. Elliot being the prosecutor of NY is another ball game. I wonder what his record is when it comes to that?
  6. I used to believe that too but its false when you consider that
    the message is a meme that can be carried by anybody even someone with a blemishless history. Spitzers pursuit of the
    at least unethicalities in the crash has little to do with his record for prosecutions and convictions. It seems like you're even against examining them which is more suspect than anything
    Spitzer could even possibly be motivated by. If we believe that
    self aggrandizement is always the motivation behind pursuing
    justice then the whole idea of Superman and the Lone Ranger
    never had any legitimacy.