and These people are going to solve the EU mess

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  1. 'Eurozone summit - despair and backbiting in the corridors of power'
    by Bruno Waterfield, Brussels

    "Interpersonal relations between eurozone leaders have hit an all-time low, reflecting
    sharp disagreements between Germany and France over using the ECB to bailout
    the euro and presenting an additional obstacle to finding a "grand solution" to Europe's
    debt crisis.
    Nicolas Sarkozy's "two faced" personality has been cited as a major factor in his dysfunctional
    relationship with Angela Merkel.
    During one-to-one, face-to-face meetings with the German Chancellor, the French President
    is said to be "syrupy", "ladling on the charm", but when her back is turned or she
    leaves the room, Mr Sarkozy changes tack.
    Chancellor Merkel is said to have been deeply wounded by one anecdote that Mr Sarkozy
    is said to have told another head of government about her.
    "She says she is on a diet and then helps herself to a second helping of cheese,"
    the French president allegedly said after a dinner meeting with Mrs Merkel.
    Such cattiness will not have been forgotten by Mrs Merkel when she sat down to dine
    with Mr Sarkozy last night in an encounter billed as a "make or break" moment to save
    the euro by patching up Franco-German relations.
    A row between the pair in Frankfurt on Wednesday overshadowed leaving-do celebrations
    to mark the end of Jean-Claude Trichet's nine years as the head of the ECB.
    "Their shouting could be heard down the corridor in the concert hall where an orchestra
    was about to play the EU's anthem, Ode to Joy," said an incredulous EU official."
    etc, etc, etc:
    and: "Nicolas Sarkozy tells David Cameron: shut up over the euro"

    (and then there's: "Cameron Faces EU Referendum Rebellion")
  2. and the markets are green...
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    can't believe merkel and cameron take it lying down