and the witch hunt goes on

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    I say let's be fair. Let's also go after all the illegals that don't pay taxes as well as the businesses and blue collars that hire them and pay them under the table. I can bet that we could pay back most of the US debt going after the many more tax evaders in this camp than the small camp of hedge funds and wealthy hiding assests in tax havens. It's just a witch hunt to blame someone for the mess. Start reporting all your neighbors and blue collars who pay under the table and are scamming the tax system. Probably billions more than the small community of wealthy.

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    Hypocrites! They cry foul on wall street folks, but they are just as guilty. Next time you hire a landscaper, carpenter, plumber, ask them for a detailed bill and pay them with a credit card or check made out to their taxable business entity and watch their face as you say it.

    FAIR IS FAIR. BE CAREFUL, shit always comes back to bite those who cry too loud.

    I can rat out all my neighbors who hire illegal sitters and housekeepers. Both parties are evading taxes and cheating the USA as they cry foul on Wall Street folks.

  3. Let's also go after all the illegals that don't pay taxes as well as the businesses

    I'm not going to bother with any payroll numbers but I'm sure if Jose the illegal leaf raker was on the books he would qualify for a tax refund , a stimulus check, or a plethora of other fed handouts and the effect would be a larger net loss to the taxpayers.
  4. wtf.

    Well, I doubt there is much crime in hedge funds, but they might be taking advantage of the tax laws.

    The hedge trimmers, OTOH, are what's demoralizing blue collar work in this country. Competition from outsourcing and illegal immigration; war, bank bailouts, etc, etc, aren't exactly what they enjoy paying taxes for.
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  6. In my home State of Arizona, illegals crowd the emergency rooms for bills they never pay, food banks, shelters, and they commit 2/3 of the violent crimes in the State - they get on Access (the state's welfare + health care system - yes, we had an idiot Democrat Governer for too long) and per capita they consume about 3 times as much government resources as a regular citizen - and pay no taxes meanwhile.

    Fuck them. We need to secure our borders.

    OK all you bleeding heart pussies who probably don't make shit and therefore don't pay much taxes either, flame away.
  7. Too many poor illegal Mexicans sucking at the tit of America = bankrupt America. Give them the taco boot back to where they belong. Obama can get the poor black folk who have no jobs to fill in for them.
  8. I wonder how the border fence is coming along? Haven't heard any thing about it for a long time.