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  1. This is for all you OBAMA fans on ET, who probably never placed a trade in your life, let alone take any risk. This is for all you "401K" watchers, who check on your NAV values daily.

    This is for all you ass clowns in this country, who post on ET pretending to be involved in the Financial World, at any level.

    Obama is pro SOCALISM!!!!!! Any clown on ET that can prove me otherwise, please step up.
  2. DIE!
  3. The HF manager is just that, a manager, and he is right in defending obligations BUT in Obama's grand scheme, it is still others people's money the HF manager is managing AND that is who Obama is asking to make the sacrifice, the investors in that hedge fund.

    Imo, it is a money grabbing, illegal kick in the pants to HF's.
  4. JDL


    well said, hedge funds been getting away with a lot of shit, greed is good only when its control.