And the California Bailout Commences

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    You knew it was only a matter of time before The One started pouring federal tax dollars into California to keep them afloat. At the moment, it's only a trickle compared to the flood that awaits.

    And since they are handing out IOUs, why not just print up a huge stack of `em? Sure beats telling the voters they can't have any given program unless they pay for it.
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    Lets see if this turns into a power grab by the federal gub. Of course it will.
  3. who is 'The One' is it Obama or Swarzeneger (i don't know how to spell that). it sounds like when some one speaks of a true love the one.
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    And looks like the tally for Michael Jackson's funeral is going to cost around $4 million dollars to tax payers. Greeeeat people can't afford to pay for their own loved ones funerals but at least they can chip in for someone elses! Must have printed out some more IOUs, I gotta get me an IOU machine dammit.
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    Some banks aren't accepting CA IOU's after tomorrow...

    I live in CA, so far I have not run across anybody that thinks this crisis is even worth a conversation! A lot of us could care less if the inner city starves, the union guys are out of work [for once in their lives], etc.. the schools can shut down and then the state will HAVE to lighten up on home schooling because it won't just be Caucasian Christians, it will be ACTUAL VOTERS, like Mexicans and Blacks...
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    It's a lot more than love and it is pretty creepy:

    He is The One.
  7. Its understandable that the federal government would pay the states share to the elderly & disabled, because Obama made a law a few months back that made it illegal for the state to cut funding to them.
  8. I don't believe that I have read anywhere that confirms the OP's claim that the Federal Government is disbursing cash to the elderly, disabled, and blind residents of California.

    From what I have read, there are total IOU payments in July of $3.35 Bilion, with the majority going to the Department of Social Services for for assisting the aged, blind, disabled, and basic family needs. Vendors and those helping the developmentally disabled will also be major recipients of the IOUs.
  9. This is a drop in the bucket compared to the dollars Reagan flowed to California. Y'all keep electing the same damn President...
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    We had Aerospace in those days..
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