And the bullish calls keep coming, now 15,000!!!!!!!

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    Guy named Lemonides is calling for 15,000. He says stocks are 50% UNDERvalued, hahahaha. This guy is a pure genius. Start buying, 15k here we come, I cant wait till we start hearing bullish calls back to DOW 30,000 and even 100,000. Idiots....

    Dow 15,000, Here We Come: Stocks Going to New Highs, Lemonides Says
    Posted Jul 23, 2009 08:00am EDT by Peter Gorenstein in Investing, Recession

    Quarterly earnings reports have reignited the dormant rally that began in early March and ran into June. The Nasdaq is on an eleven-day winning streak. The Dow dipped fractionally Wednesday but is just about break even for the year and the benchmark Standard & Poor's 500 is at its highest point since November.

    Skeptics warn the rally may fade as expectations get ahead of reality. But Charles Lemonides, chief investment officer with ValueWorks, says there's plenty of upside left, thanks to improving fundamentals. "When you have better economic conditions and really, really compelling valuations; and you're bumping up against the top end of a range it’s sort of a good recipe for breaking through that range and going significantly higher," he says.

    Brian Wesbury, chief economist at First Trust Advisors, got the 'Tech Ticker' crowd going on Wednesday, when he made a similar call, saying stocks are 50% undervalued and the Dow could hit 10,000 by year end. Lemonides' call is even more bold: "I don't think it would be surprising to see a 12,000 number [on the Dow] six months to a year out," he says.

    But he's not done there: "You'll see the market retrace its old high which means I think that over a couple of years you'll see 15,000 on the Dow."

    I told you it was bold.

    According to Lemonides, the same thing that drove the tech and housing bubbles will also drive this next rally: low interest rates. In his view, "interest rates modulate economic activity.“ And, with rates essentially as low as they can go, he expects asset inflation, "not really fast but over time."

    It's a simple formula "capitalism comes with boom and bust" and after going bust last year we're in the beginning stages of a boom.

    In the meantime, he’s buying stocks he thinks are undervalued, including Legg Mason, 3M and Boeing. With each company, "you’re getting these names at valuations that are just off the charts… and in an economic environment that’s likely to be improving," Lemonides says.
  2. 15,000 over a couple of years. Bold prediction by this guy, and bold prediction by you by saying it won't happen. Nobody knows what things will look like in a couple of years so it's useless.
  3. Lemonides has always struck me as a twit... be careful about what you believe. (BTW... the market tends to NOT punish stupid and outrageous market calls, especially bullish ones, so lots of people make them knowing there will be little consequence if wrong.)
  4. Hey, even the man himself said it could happen:


    granted, he was riding a pig when he said it...

  5. stocks are in the same price as 2005/2004 when economy was doing really good.

    unless earnigns are growing etc, there is no reason for stocks to go higher. stocks can just stay the same price.

    houses in detroit isn't cheap since everybody can't still afford to buy it.

    for a guy on min. wage a house in detroit is expensive.

  6. these doomsday and bullish calls are bullshit.

    i mean only a few months ago in march pundits were talking about DEPRESSION.

    it's a speculators market now. you can lose either way long or short in these markets.

    everybody is trading options, futures, forex and leveraged short and long ETF which is unusual.

    in the late 90s many people were daytrading internet stocks in nasdaq.

    penny stocks and nasdaq stocks are dead or dilisted

    with $1 millon dollars you can move penny stocks up or down 300% daily. same thing with this market.

    stocks are like options. it has no real support and can drop 50% in day for violatile or illiquid stocks with no market maker

  7. Bad times doesnt necessarily have to mean low stocks.

    inflation is non cyclical.
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    In my opinion what we're seeing on the market right now is pure game theory in action.

    Why 'invest' when you can make more money gaming the 'investors'. All it needs is that the one doing the gaming is big, smart and advanced enough and the results will look like magic to the 'investors'.
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