And the award for best credit hedge fund of 2007 goes to....

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  1. yes you guessed it Peloton.

    as all the hedge fund traders turned up at the swanky Grosvenor hotel in London parking up their nice motors, wearing the old dinner suits the awards were flying out on January 24th 2008.

    The Euro Hedge Fund Awards for 2007 for Credit went to yes you guessed it Peloton who just recently went bust.

    not only that they also won best newcomer fund for arbitrage, relative value and macro.

    what a bunch of tossers.

    dont look so smart now do they.

    basically they leveraged up and took a punt last year and cleaned up.

    then they went the other way on subprime and looked for a recovery and then done their arses.

    well thats great trading that is.

    net net im up more than these guys.

    wheres my fucking award??
  2. mokwit


    The judges confused leverage with brains obviously.
  3. You are hereby awarded the "Best Post I've Seen Today" prize.