and republicans want to privatise education

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  1. this is what you will end up with in america if republicans get their way:

    Based on calculations performed by the Senate committee staff, the school spends $2,714 per student on recruiting costs, and $700 per student for instructional costs.

    Ashford University, once a near-bankrupt college run by a group of Franciscan nuns in rural Iowa, has mushroomed from fewer than 400 students in 2005 to more than 76,000 at the end of last year, after the Iowa school was purchased by a San Diego corporation. That company, Bridgepoint Education Inc., was the focus of Thursday's hearing by the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, but representatives from Bridgepoint did not attend the hearing.
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    Newark New Jersey.

    Charter School (non union)

    Math Proficieny 90%
    English Proficiency 89%

    Cost 10k per kid

    District School (union)
    Math Proficiency 39%
    English Proficiency 49%
    Cost 17k per kid.

    After looking at these numbers you would have to be a dumbass not to want to move to some kind of voucher based system with no unions, where tenure was eliminated and teachers as well as schools are held accountable.
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    OMG. Too f*cking funny. A left wing moon bat starts a thread about education and misspells the word "privatize". Bwahahaha. Oh the irony. He can't even spell the title of his thread correctly. Nice one.
  4. World English Dictionary
    privatize or privatise (ˈpraɪvɪˌtaɪz)

    — vb
    ( tr ) to transfer (the production of goods or services) from the public sector of an economy into private ownership and operation

    privatise or privatise

    — vb

    privati'zation or privatise

    — n

    privati'sation or privatise

    — n

    (Home schooled, were you?)
  5. Two N.J. charter schools placed on probation, third faces shutdown if student scores don't improve

    No idea where the above poster gets his data, but these things will never take hold over the long run.

    Charter Schools: Mismanagement, Fraud, Enormous Debt

    "Texas has 206 charter schools, and 93 of them are in hot water for bilking the state out of millions of dollars by overcounting their enrollment. At $5,400 a pop, a few imaginary students here and few not over there, and before you know it, you've enough for a new Suburban with longhorns on the front......"


    The people who support these things are just as big a fraud as these silly schools.
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    Go to 4:00 in the video for the numbers, or else watch the whole documentary called, "The Cartel" if you want to see just how good of a job all these union/government workers are doing at running our education system into the ground. Anyone who supports the corruption going on in public education right now by the school board and unionised teachers with tenure is an idiot.

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    Hello. Baby... bathwater?
  9. Battle of the dictionaries?

    Definition of PRIVATISE
    British variant of privatize
    Next Word in the Dictionary: privatism
    Previous Word in the Dictionary: privation
    All Words Near: privatise

    Both are right.

    Was that your only beef with the thread? And, if so:

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  10. There are definitly some bad private schools out there, and obviously some crooked ones that need to be shut down if they're defrauding their students. But there are also some pretty good private schools like Harvard, Yale and Princeton and Stanford.

    The bottom line is, some private schools are good and other not so good. It's not very hard to tell the difference. Most schools publish data on graduation rates, job placement success, etc. Any school that doesn't make this information available is immediately suspect. Any school that publishes false data should be prosecuted for fraud.

    People need to do their due diligence when shopping for an education just the same as buying a car, a television or anything else. When people get ripped off by a bad school, most of the time it's because they didn't do their homework.

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