And Qe3 Begins!!!

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  1. Call the referendum,club together and help you country to bail-out!!!



  2. I should have bought a 500k loft In South Beach, let myself default, then re-negotiate the debt at lower pay back terms and lower pay back Credit Cards offer to scumbags who do not pay.

    The people who played by the rules in Housing just got FUCKED, ass plug and all.

    The scumbags who cut corners, lied, had no networth, are all laughing as they walk away or get refied, or just stay in the home without paying, banking their mortgage for the last fucking 2 years, so when they do walk, they will have two years worth of RENT FREE SAVINGS.

    FUCK YOU AMERICA.. I say ever man for him/her self, and the REPUBLICAN PATRIOTS need to shut the hell up and pull their heads outa their asses. This isn't our Grand Dads USA anymore. It's the land of Scumbags, Freeloaders and the Land where the GOV will fuck over the people who try to play by the rules...

    Speaking of? Where are the arrest warrents for Wallstreet, Bankers and Mortgage Clowns who violated Massive laws?

    Oh yea, they are back at it again, forgot.
  3. They utilize emission capital,don`t tuch them:p
  4. That program is not available in the hardest hit states like California, arizona, florida, nevada, ect.