And people wonder why their kids grow up to be strippers & prositutes

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  1. Unbelievable these are kids toys.


    On the website this shirt is available for kids 0-6 months and 6-12 months!


    A baby doll you can breast feed? wtf?


    I dont even know what to say about these plushies


    High heels for a baby?


    shave your baby? Why does this baby have so much pubic hair?

  2. Pictures are despicable, no doubt, but women turn to the fields you mentioned because they can generate significant income and they don't need any schooling to do so.
  3. I guarantee you, in this economy more people look to "shady" professions than in prosperous times. I think what you said correlates more to the street level worker, mid to high level are in it for the CASH. Now they can, and often are, dumb coke heads, but still cash is cash.
  4. What is bad with the breastfeed baby?
  5. Ricter


    The video game argument comes to mind.
  6. Oh i dont know....maybe it makes little 7 year old girls want to go out and try to make a real baby?

  7. I see my mom breast feed my brother, and I see my Aunt breast feed her babys when I was little. I learn that is where the babys food is. No one hide that from me and I never try to have a baby when I was 7 years old.
  8. nothing wrong with being a stripper, it is providing a worthwhile service to humanity
  9. Makes a lot of sense!
  10. Scary thought Mom0...Unless your joint is in a truck stop.


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