And I once thought trading was TOO risky...

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by crgarcia, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. Ghost rider is the man. Look him up.
  2. This is NUTS!
  3. Staged run as far as I can tell. Too many perfect camera angles, etc. Also, I raced cars for a very short period in Europe. I can tell you that the guy in the Z3 is not your average traffic violator.
  4. The guy in the M Coupe and Ghostrider 'know' each other, but the speeds are not staged.
  5. Great driving/riding (brilliant) no question, but if these ass-clowns dont think a fatality is just around the corner, their deluded.

    Amazing, the youtube feedback suggest's many beleive it's not staged!
    That should tell you more about psychology (in this instance, ignoring the bleeding obvious) than the daredevil driving itself.
  6. You are correct. The speed is not staged but that is not the big challenge here. The challenge is navigating traffic and the unpredictability of the other drivers. There are a few scenes where the other drivers are lined up in a way that gave a clear path for the Z3 to push through. Not all of it is staged but there are portions where there is quite a bit of staging.

    Interesting video nonetheless.