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    House Dems seek new tax on wealthy to pay for health care
    Posted: 06:30 PM ET

    From Deirdre Walsh

    WASHINGTON (CNN) — Democrats on the House Ways and Means Committee on Friday proposed a graduated tax on wealthy Americans to pay for health care reform, several Democratic sources told CNN.

    The new tax would apply to individuals who make more than $280,000 a year and married couples who make more than $350,000, the sources said.

    Individuals making up to $400,000 and couples making up to $500,000 would be assessed a 1 percent tax on their adjusted gross income, they said. A higher rate would apply to individuals making up to $800,000 and for couples making up to $1 million per year, and an even higher rate would apply to individuals and couples with higher incomes.

    The rates for the tax on the two higher brackets are still being finalized, according to the sources.

    Committee Democrats jettisoned other ideas to pay for the reform, including new taxes on sugary drinks or an increase in Medicare payroll taxes.


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    Of course you realize that anyone targeted will simply use other tax strategies to circumvent these new laws!

    This is only meant to appease the lower income earners. So called greedy rich people being dealt with makes the government appear to be looking after the majority, people too stupid/ jealous to understand they're being played.



  3. ditto.