And Bill...

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  1. Might as well bring William Jefferson into the mix...

    "We can do it, we ought to be a law for everything ."

    "We can't be so fixed on our desire to preserve the rights of ordinary Americans ."

    "Our future and our past is linked only by our present."

    "Our job is to help families provide long-term care for a very long time. "

    "We have to cut more spending, but I hope we won't cut government and ourselves."

    "If you lack the determination to deliver what you have promised, do not make promises. "

    "Everybody knows that I have tougher ethics rules than any previous president. "

    "Of the people, by the people, for the people ...That's what the Declaration of Independence says."
    (Actually, that statement came from Lincoln's Gettysburg Address.)
  2. ...apparently the Rhodes scholarship selection committee thought he was sharp as a tack...and his professors at georgetown, where he earned a 4.0...

    i always thought he was a very smooth talker, and from what i gathered, the europeans thought he was a bit slow because he was a southerner...

    regardless, he was a very charismatic speaker who people really seemed to like, of course, until the lewinsky deposition came out and he got cornered...:( ...i actually saw an old SNL rerun that had it and it was not pretty...i forgot how bad it was -- the thing is, clinton just looks better and better every day, well, ever since early 2001...:D