And Ben says NOTHING!

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by blast19, Mar 28, 2007.

  1. blast19


    Housing sort of a worry, not yet.

    Inflation will be watched.

    Monetary policy will be monitored.
  2. blast19


    His prepared remarks leading to the fact that he's going to play stupid and avoid saying anything at all. :D
  3. Surdo


    Ben is too busy flipping his Crude positions to say anything!

  4. blast19


    He looks like someone has him at gunpoint up there. He can hear the echoes of pain from his deep pocket pals. :D
  5. Tums


    that means the market will go up !
  6. blast19


    and that means that pigs will fly!

    NOTE: What are you talking about?
  7. Sponger


    The Fed chairman will never give testimony to the effect that:

    "My good fellows, the real estate market is about to go down the toilet".

    But he just alluded to it in Fedspeak
  8. blast19


    That's because they handed him a hot pot of boiling shit and asked him why it was so hot.
  9. Tums


    his deep pocket pals want the mkt to go up, and he will make it happen. QED.
  10. blast19


    Thanks...makes more sense....and the markets are climbing out of their pit.
    #10     Mar 28, 2007