And Another $50 Billion of Taxpayers Money!

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  1. Imagine how richer those who receive the Taxpayers :D
  2. ** :D

    so DOD+war works out to..... somewhere around $3000 out of the pocket of every taxpayer in the US? thank goodness for that $300 tax rebate, and besides, how can you put a price on iraqi "liberty"? lol.

    can't wait to see the $1,000,000,000 embassy - must be a hell of a building :p
  3. Let's now tell everyone that we were WAY OFF and the estimate is closer to $75 billion!

    Can you imagine what this country could do for itself if it spent $5 billion per month inside it's own freaking borders?

    That would make far too much sense!

  4. the face of stupidity

  5. Maybe we can recoup some money with the video sales.
  6. "Years ago, in the days of the Greeks, wars were postponed to make room for the Olympic Games. In modern times, the Games have been postponed twice -- to make room for wars." ~Bob Mathias

    (Won his first Olympic Gold in the decathlon at age 17 (youngest male athlete ever), was the first decathlete to win Gold in back to back Olympics, undefeated in his career, (fullback for Stanford in the Rosebowl, US Marine, US Congressman, and still the Stanford school record holder (by 300+ points) over 5 decades later)
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    Here's a good website to put things into perspective -

    As of today, the total cost of the war has been approximately $114 billion dollars. This is about $380 for every man, woman and child in the US.

    With the huge Republican deficits we are currently running, we really don't have any money for anything. With the really huge unfunded liabilities of Social Security and Medicare - estimated in the book "The Coming Generational Storm" at $47 TRILLION dollars - we are already basically bankrupt.

    If we did in fact have a $114 billion dollars to spend - even though we don't - we could have given full-ride, four-year scholarships to about 2,900,000 students in the US.
  8. True.