Ancient Aliens

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    sooo.... God writes a book, explains everything, it's the all time bestseller.. just so we can understand what's going on.. and people that just can't bring themselves to understand turn to mysteries about Egypt, Ancient Astrounauts, etc... It's funnier when I think about how God kicked Egypt's ass and made them hand over all the valuables to the Israelis.
  3. The truth is:

    IF there are extraterrestrial, sentient alien species arriving here, we are jerkwater and oxygen, possibly mineral deposit miners if they require radioactive material to return or have already arranged for formal interaction with the domestic species to resupply these resources and depart. (IMHO, most Superpowers have made at least one arrangement this way to exchange for consulting in new technologies).

    Temporal Backtravel also allows one to live forever...
  4. Did Ancient Aliens Give Us Gold?

    They may not have come from ancient aliens, but they did come from outer space. The universe never ceases to amaze.


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  5. Hate crime.