Anatomy of a retreat/selloff

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  1. Models are telling us that a retreat is about to start on SPX/SPY. With SPX at 914, models are saying retreat is less than 5 points away or 0.50 on SPY (On May 06, 2009, at around 12:30PM). But it can also turn to a break out. Nothing is sure.

    How does the beginning of a retreat looks like to you? It can be confusing because the turning point can also be looked at as a breakout (when you look at it from the left side).

    Your views/comments?
  2. You have posted everyday for the last 2 weeks calling for a selloff.

    Eventually you will be right, and your demo account will be rewarded.
  3. You don't have any models. Stop talking and read more before posting.
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    I think a retest of 850 is in the cards, there after my prediction of the 10-15% drop should take us to 750 on the s$p.
  5. Please post a "screen-shot" of your shorts that will benefit from your prediction.
  6. You called the top on NQ about 40 away from the high.

    You fucking idiot.
  7. we are drifting to 1050 in the next 4 months. I've been saying this for 3 weeks - if we took out 875.
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    I think before 1050 your going to see some type of retreat in the markets, 850 before 1050 in my opinion, I think 750 before 1050 as well, the only catalyst this market has is the trillions of dollars being thrown at it, things may bump up but longer term I see nothing positive about this economy going forward.
  9. Those insults should be in favor of a bear case. Market should give a response today.
  10. Give me one reason why longs won't take some profits off the table at this point...
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