Analyzing Weekly/Monthly Spreads

Discussion in 'Options' started by kalikahuna, Jul 26, 2006.

  1. So...Optionsxpress's trade calculator does not recognize different expiration dates between weeklys and, if I try to set up a diagonal spread between a weekly and a monthly, it just tells me I'm setting up a no-profit debit vertical spread.

    Anyone know if there are other trade calc's I can use that will recognize that weekly's expire while the monthly still have significant value?
  2. Not being facetious but the thinkorswim desktop software analytics/analysis excels in these kinds of situations. It is the attention to detail.

    Other than thinkorswim, the usual suspects apply e.g. Hoadley.

    The calculator at 888options does not support weeklies IIRC, check it out.


  3. you think optionsxpress will update their program if I IM them that TOS can do it?
  4. jllm03


    Options Edge has an Excel Options calculator that works fairly it is FREE.

    You can do most option setups by just manually entering in prices, expriarions, etc.
  5. :D It can't hurt to try.