Analyzing price adjusted by stock split, dividend payment is appropriate?

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by Poirot, Jul 11, 2012.

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    Hi people,

    I am living in Vietnam and working with HoChiMinh and HaNoi stock exchange. Sound strange to you, hah? Companies listing on these exchanges constantly pay dividend or split their stocks, etc. The reasons are weird but not the matter. The matter is that stock price is adjusted according to the above events. So i get confused whether i should use adjusted or unadjusted price for my analysis.

    1. If I use adjusted price, price will be smooth. But are supports, resistances still correct? How about trendlines, patterns, volume, etc?

    2. If I use unadjusted price, there will be large gaps on my charts. My indicators will move up or down sharply. And even my supports, resistances will be weird too.

    Analysts usually use adjusted price. I do too. However, it is great if there are papers researching about this matter. Pls give me some advice. Thanks
  2. What sort of trading are you doing?

    Buy and hold?

    Adjustments will be less relevant for analysis related to the first, but more relevant for the last two ...