AnalyzerXL - anyone ???

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by andrasnm, Apr 19, 2003.


    I am shopping for some software on the budget.
    Anyone had a chance to look or tried their package?

    apparently its is quite open VB enabled
    and offers unlimited free data for futures
    (international and stocks)
    all for $250.
    I like some feedback and asked them some questions - seems like a small group but decent software geared towards excel based decision support.

    PS of course I am not affiliated with them..
  2. Hi. This doesn't answer your question directly but might address something you haven't thought about yet. I've not used it but do like the completeness of the package for the price. I use excel every day it seems to update about 5 spreadsheets. I also have a realtime quote/charting package with access to all kinds of futures and equities quotes. This runs all day every working day. Therefore, I'm not responsible for any downloading activities. I can remember having to physically log on and download end of day data for a couple of years before getting the setup I use now. If you aren't prepared to leave your computer on when you are gone for an automated quote retrieval program to work or if trading on an intraday basis is not that important to you, then I think that AnalyzerXL is a good way to get started understanding indicators and exploring data.