Analyze this chart for Monday.

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  1. Daily Chart.

    I'm thinking long bias Monday with price trending up fairly methodically.

    What do you think?

    6E Contract.

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  2. I would be looking for a buy around the mid point of the last long up candle. To pull the trigger, I'd want to see support come in. I'd size the position by placing a stop below the first low of the double bottom.
  3. imo having a bias for a day trader is......lethal...

    just saying..
  4. Short.

    GS + volcano + no relevant short inventory -> way down is free.

    (btw this kind of chart gives hardly any relevant informations - they are simply not appearing in it)
  5. I agree. Day trading is like crossing the street. Watch the traffic (price and volume) that you can see and make a decision. What traffic was like yesterday or what I think it will be tomorrow is irrelevant.

    I started day trading after about 8 years as a position and swing trader. That type of trading required a clear bias in order to make a trading decision. I was not successful at day trading until I "unlearned" that way of thinking.

  6. For me personally, not enough info here to go on. I need more time frames at least before I could give an informed answer.
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  8. I wonder if the 10:25 low will hold..??
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    Based on this chart alone, I'd go short. Price had failed to make a higher high, next target the DB support zone.

    I could never make volume work for my trading, so I don't consider it.

    BTW, it also looks like one of those bearish Gartley patterns.
  10. long of course.
    obvious chart
    ugly chart what pays money.
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