Analyze by sounds?

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  1. Leob


    I'm in a creative momount now..
    Any when try to attach specific bit sound to up tick and different bit to down tick?
    Can be interesting to here breakup or sell of.
    The brain can have good patterns with sounds..
    Stories say at the pit you noise was indication.
    Maybe to record this sounds and analyze with some AI software (how good breakouts sound, maybe AI can help )
    Either I throw 1 trlion dollar concept here, or I'm BS.
    will be nice to try.
    Any one familiar with this kind of approach?
    Good week all.
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  2. newwurldmn


    There was an fx trader at jpmorgan who traded with sounds. The markets moved too fast to state the numbers so he listened to sounds and was able to effectively make markets that way.
  3. ZBZB


    There was a pit sounds program for ex floor traders.
  4. SunTrader


    Can be done with TradeStation. A buddy of mine does. Me I prefer QUIET!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Other than "order filled" every other sound effect I've muted, especially opening and closing bells.
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    Just listen to this guy.

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  6. ValeryN


    Dan Zanger used sounds in 90ies. His were based on size of trades. Let's say more than 1000 shares on a last bid or ask would make different sound. I tried that in 2013 with custom software I wrote just for that purpose, experimented a bit but ultimately didn't find that particularly useful. If you know exactly what you're looking for and that is part of your proven system then automating alerting makes perfect sence.
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  7. Handle123


    I remember in late 1980's you could buy a service where you hear S&P500 pit sounds then in the 90's they changed actual sounds to computerized.
    I found noise to bother my focus.
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  8. SquawBox! That was a cool service when the "locals" (Open Cry Pit traders) ruled the roost. It was volume proportional to the order volume.

    Since it is all electronic now, it has been "replaced", imo.

    People use Tick bar length, as a proxy for order volume. Some use volume thresholds, alone. Others, number of minimum sized block trades. There are other variables too. Then people roll their own combinations into "proprietary" versions.

    This is an obvious progression in the electronic world, and well worn territory now in 2021. People sometimes have a version of this in their code, as in informative data point. Or if manually trading, some sort of alert that monitors for a "threshold event" in the relevant combinations, and is semi-automated.

    PS: "This is not the Grail you seek...", "It is not the Grail we seek", "Move along...", "Move along" ;)
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  10. qlai


    I’m not very familiar with him, but Vinny E-Minni is running automated software that does this for his proprietary indicators. I think it’s based on orderfllow concepts.
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