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  1. Other than the persons who write the market analysis commentary for yahoo, I can't think of any group of individuals less valuable to the financial community than the analysts. But, that said, I am dying of curiousity: what does "Market Perform", "Market Outperform" and "NT Neutral" mean?

    I've got a feeling these could all translate to "this stock sucks" but if anyone can shed a little additional light I would be interested to know.
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  3. Gotcha. But in politically correct parlance, they're basically saying the "mkt should outperform" this issue?
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  5. I know, I know - this is a nice way of saying, "Noone in their right mind should own this stock, but we're in bed with their upper mgt so we'll use cryptic terms that noone understands so that a few idiots will hold onto this stock a little longer."
  6. I think that "Market outperform" means in its literal sense "this stock is expected to outperform the market".

    What the analyst really thinks and how the stock will actually perform may be different matters altogether.
  7. Are they ever right?
    What amazes me is people still listen?
    Here we are at lows of the day waht happned to Santa's rally - were the helpers short?
  8. Some analysts are doing ok (profitable for those that listen to them) with their analysis...

    not all say go Long. :cool:

    Some say short or stay on the sidelines if you don't want to short.

    CNBC had a few analysts early in the year that were very negative on the market.

    Late August some European analysts were negative on the U.S. markets and then changed sentiment in early October.

    Thus, I guess trying to invest sucessfully may greatly depend upon your ability to pick a good analyst...

    if you don't do your own analysis.

    There are actually a few websites (fee-based) that tells you which analysts are hot or cold based on monthly, quarterly, bi-annual and yearly results.

    I can't remember the websites name but I'm sure an investor can find the info somewhere at a good search engine.

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    IMHO, NO.

    As funny as it may seem, it means what vhen said - anything but Strong Buy, IMHO, means SELL.

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    analysts are only good for laughs:)
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