Analysts: an observation and a question

Discussion in 'Trading' started by roger2, Oct 10, 2001.

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  2. In my opinion you have to equate Analysts to marketing/PR people. Just as you (hopefully) don't think you'll be better looking if you use Avon soap - as the marketing would like you to believe, why would you think that you'll get wealthier if you buy a stock an analyst recommends?

    Most analysts work for either brokerage houses or investment banks. Brokerage analysts role in life is to create "interest" in a stock and hence generate commissions through their brokers. Investment bank analysts typically support the companies they take public (and have a significant position in) by issuing positive statements. They are in both cases only trying to generate business and revenue for themselves and their company - not for you.

    The only value of analysts, imho, is to trade off of the news price-ripples they cause when issuing up and down grades
  3. The longer I trade the more inclined I am to listen to nobody. No news, no analysts, nothing. I watch the charts for 15-30 minutes off the open and the market tells me what I need to know. It is the only analyst I trust.