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  1. I used to be able to get all of the latest broker upgrades or downgrades for any stock at one spot. I have been away for awhile and can't seem to find it anymore. I thought it was maybe at or netcong, but I can't seem to find it. You used to just put in the symbol, and you would get a page with all the broker rating changes for that stock going backwards in time. Can anyone help? Thanks
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    I'm pretty sure has what you are looking for.

    I'm just curious as to why you care what these 'analysts' think?
  3. An analyst upgrade or downgrade can affect the stock price. If a stock declines because some firm downgrades the stock, I may be more inclined to buy at the cheaper levels. However if a chunk of selling hits all at once (not market direction related) and I don't know the reason, I am more reluctant because there may be something happening. I am not a day trader, so I pay attention to better buyers or sellers action.
  4. Zacks does not appear to be what I want. I am not looking to buy research reports, or even to necessary read the reports at all. The sight I used to use had a page with a listing that might say GS downgrades CSCO from Strong Buy to BUY. It would then have a URL which would take you to a 2 or 3 sentence summary of the longer reports. It might have 20 of the last broker changes like this stretching over days or weeks. This was very helping in understanding why a wave of buying or selling suddenly hit.
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    Put in any symbol, I used MSFT just because I can't seem to find generic page for this research without particular symbol.

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  7. It usually makes sense to "fade" these up/downgrades, since analysts know nothing for sure (we all know that), and all that their "rating" is good for is the "knee jerk" reaction of the market by the retail public and some institutions.

    Other than expanding our opening envelopes a bit, we usually disregard most of this "fluff."

    We show our new people the 60 minutes episode "How could so many get it so wrong" - about how bad analysts are. This pretty much confirms our thinking.

    Most of the major stuff hits the Dow Jones newswires. Good Luck!!
  8. Hmmm....what bothers me is when a brokerage downgrades a stock and tanks it right before a spectacular new earnings release comes out, and then upgrades it afterwards...can we say MANIPULATION???

    If you look at NYSE charts, you'll see that most listed stocks (>70%) recover within one month of some amateur "downgrading" them.
  9. Thank you all for your help. There were several good pages that were pointed out. I've still never found the one I used to use, which I think was the best of all, but these are decent substitutes. Thanks.
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