Analyst: Al-Qaeda Videotapes Digitally Doctored

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  1. IntelCenter and As-Sahab logos added at same time, indicating Pentagon linked "middleman" is directly releasing Al-Qaeda videos

    Paul Joseph Watson
    Prison Planet
    Thursday, August 2, 2007

    An expert computer analyst has presented evidence that so-called "Al-Qaeda" tapes are routinely digitally doctored and has also unwittingly exposed an astounding detail that clearly indicates a Pentagon affiliated organization in the U.S. is directly responsible for releasing the videos.

    "Neal Krawetz, a researcher and computer security consultant, gave an interesting presentation today at the BlackHat security conference in Las Vegas about analyzing digital photographs and video images for alterations and enhancements," reports Wired News.

    "Using a program he wrote (and provided on the conference CD-ROM) Krawetz could print out the quantization tables in a JPEG file (that indicate how the image was compressed) and determine the last tool that created the image -- that is, the make and model of the camera if the image is original or the version of Photoshop that was used to alter and re-save the image. "

    Krawetz's most telling discovery comes in the form of a detail contained in a 2006 Ayman al-Zawahiri tape. From his analysis he concludes that the As-Sahab logo (the alleged media arm of Al-Qaeda) and the IntelCenter logo (a U.S. based private intelligence organization that "monitors terrorist activity") were both added to the video at the same time.


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    This clearly indicates IntelCenter itself is directly creating or at least doctoring the Al-Qaeda tapes before their release. After all, why would Al-Qaeda terrorists be interested in branding their videos with the logo of a U.S. based organization that is run by individuals with close ties to the military-industrial complex?

    In our previous groundbreaking investigation, we exposed IntelCenter, the middleman between "Al-Qaeda's media arm" and the press, and the organization that routinely obtains the tapes, as little more than a Pentagon front group staffed by individuals with close connections to Donald Rumsfeld and the U.S. war machine.

    IntelCenter were also behind the release of the recent "new" Bin Laden tape, which in actual fact was old footage filmed in 2001 and had been released, including by IntelCenter itself, on no less than two previous occasions spanning back five years.

    IntelCenter is run by Ben Venzke, former director of intelligence at a company called IDEFENSE, which is a Verisign company. IDEFENSE is a web security company that monitors intelligence from middle east conflicts and focuses on cyber threats among other things.

    It is also heavily populated with long serving ex-military intelligence officials.

    The Director of Threat intelligence, Jim Melnick, served 16 years in the US army and the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and worked in psychological operations. From the IDEFENSE website:

    Prior to joining iDefense, Mr. Melnick served with distinction for more than 16 years in the U.S. Army and the Defense Intelligence Agency. During this period, Mr. Melnick served in a variety of roles, including psychological operations, international warning issues with emphasis on foreign affairs and information operations and Russian affairs. He also served in active political/military intelligence roles with an emphasis on foreign affairs. Mr. Melnick is currently a U.S. Army Reserve Colonel with Military Intelligence, assigned to the Office of the Secretary of Defense. Mr. Melnick has been published in numerous military and foreign affairs journals, and has received numerous military and DIA awards. Mr. Melnick has a Master of Arts in National Security and Strategic Studies from the U.S. Naval War College, a Master of Arts in Russian studies from Harvard University, and a Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Political Science from Westminster College.

    So here we have a company that by its own admission has ties to a senior military psy-op intelligence officer who has worked directly for Donald Rumsfeld. As Intelcenter and Ben Venzke are directly connected to IDEFENSE, this puts Rumsfeld just three steps away from the Al Qaeda propaganda videos.

    The business of releasing Al-Qaeda tapes is also very profitable for IntelCenter, they charge well over $4,000 dollars a year for packages aimed at "Intelligence, Military and Federal agencies".

    Add to this the fact that IntelCenter are digitally doctoring the videos and then adding the logo of a purported terrorist group before their release and the ramifications become clear - elements within the U.S. are patently editing if not directly creating "Al-Qaeda" tapes for their own purposes.

    Al-Qaeda, or more accurately IntelCenter, always seem to make a point of releasing the videos at the most politically expedient times for the benefit of the Bush administration.

    Whether it's to justify a war, win an election or divert from a scandal, Bin Laden, Al-Zawahiri or their stooges can always be relied upon to come up with the goods and save Bush's bacon.

    As soon as the 6 month wait and see period for the "surge" was up and right when Bush's last remaining Republican cheerleaders deserted him on Iraq, Bin Laden popped up to remind us all of the necessity of "staying the course" and winning the war on terror by feeding more troops into the meatgrinder.

    Both Kerry and Bush attributed the President's 2004 re-election to Osama Bin Laden's appearance in a video tape just days before the vote. Veteran newsman Walter Cronkite mused that the whole farce was a Karl Rove orchestrated set-up.

    On the eve of the Iraq war during Colin Powell's infamous presentation to the UN, an audio tape in which bin Laden claimed he was allied with Saddam Hussein surfaced, a gift-wrapped present for the Neo-Cons who had consistently been proven wrong in their assertion that there was a connection between Iraq and 9/11.

    Ayman Al-Zawahiri appeared right on cue at the exact same time two years running, days before the State of the Union, to slam Bush as a "butcher" and a "failure." His timing is impeccable! Right when Bush needs to reinforce the fear of the shadowy enemy each January to mute his critics before the big speech, al-Zawahiri pops up with the goods.

    Krawetz's analysis (view in PDF) further concludes that different objects and green screen backgrounds have been artificially added to certain videos, including that of probable Mossad double agent Adam Pearlman, in order to "lend authority and reverence to the video".

    The smoking gun remains the fact that the two logos, the As-Sahab "terrorist" media arm and the IntelCenter organization, were added at exactly the same time, meaning either that IntelCenter, with its close ties to the U.S. government and psychological operation, has terrorists on the payroll or that IntelCenter itself is doctoring and directly releasing Al-Qaeda propaganda tapes.

    Both conclusions are equally disturbing and demand an immediate FBI investigation of IntelCenter and its owners.

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  2. Wow this is amazing. Can you give a link.
  3. lol, amazing? you can make a very strong argument for obl being dead since late 2001.

    don't you find it preposterous that such an egotistic personality always craving and seeking attention, would suddenly decide to become introverted and never show up again to brag about 911 or issue threats to america but rather let his lieutenant to take the limelight and deliver messages?....that's what happened on all the genuine videos released afterwards.

    obl is gone to meet allah ages ago.

    link here:
  4. Goddamnit, the evil of this administration is just laid bare every week for the whole world to see!

    First they orchestrate 9/11 and kill thousands of their own countrymen.

    Next they illegally invade Iraq on trumped-up charges and outright lies all so that they can get access to the oil.

    Then they try to monitor banking transactions and phone calls coming from suspected terrorists or their enablers oversees. As if!!

    In the meantime, they set-up sophisticated torture bases such as at Abu Ghraib, where dozens of Iraqi insurgents are forced to play naked pyramid games with each other, and at Guantanamo, where their captors do horrific things including giving them three squares a day, the right to pray to Mecca, and access to religious books. In their rightful defiance, the prisoners throw faeces and urine on the guards and invent stories about the Quran being flushed down toilets.

    In Afghanistan, they order the execution of Pat Tillman who was on the brink of returning to the US where he would announce that the war was wrong and he was an idiot for turning down the multiple millions he squandered by not playing football.

    Back in Iraq, they let American forces run amok, raping and murdering and torturing on a scale not seen since the Huns ravaged Europe.

    And now this, infallible proof that the US gubment is behind all the Al Qaeda tapes and that Bin Laden and Al Zawaheri are probably actors named Hank and Mo Bling with some fake beards.

    I tell ya, I can't wait until Hillary gets into office and cleans up this whole mess!

    p.s. And goddamn it!! $4,000 a year that company is making off the backs of the US taxpayer!! That's just criminal, like the rest of this Jewish cabal/Carlyle Group/Right Wing Media nest of rats.
  5. How do you CTer's even sleep? There's a boogie man in every corner of your tortured minds.
  6. That's because we have to do all the thinking for the IS* as well.


    *IS=Ignorant Sheep
  7. But......

    The CTerz ARE the Ignorant Sheep...

  8. Kinda like these guys...
  9. ChickenHaroki at a debunkers convention with other yellow chickenhawks:

  10. why not rebuff the arguments and debunk the evidence?
    as you consider us, as well as almost half of USA population all mentally deficient must be a walk in the park; easy peasy squeazy, innit.
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