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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by SellShort, May 7, 2004.

  1. SellShort


    Has anyone tried or have any experiance/info on the following two software packages?

    I don't see any software reviews for them and I was wondering if they are any good, before I start throwing money around.

    Genesis Trade Navigator Platinum

    NeuroShell DayTrader Pro
  2. nkhoi


    lets see jaym (Junior Member, Registered: Apr 2004, Posts: 5)
    on 04-29-04 asking about neuroshell and got 8 replies so far, so now sellshort (1 post) come in and ask about neuroshell again, hm.... nice try.

  3. SellShort


    I have read through jaym's Advanced Methods thread. ramora had a most enlightening and informative response. The over all response of the thread is negative on NN. This still does not answer my original question. That is, has anyone acturally used or have any info on how Genesis Trade Navigator Platinum and NeuroShell DayTrader Pro compares to other software, like TradeStation.

    These two software packages don't appear on the "Rate Your Software!" reviews. I'm not sure what that means.

    So I am assuming that everyone who has viewed my thread, at this point, has no experiance or info with this software.

    So I will patiently wait for knowledgeable people to respond.

  4. PlayToWin


    Instead of starting a new thread, I thought that this one maybe a good place to start, since I need similar info.

    I am a newbie to trading. Seriously, I haven't traded stocks or options or futures. I am just getting started. So I decided to join this site and check out other sites for information.

    What I can conclude at this point is that I need three items. 1) a direct access broker, 2) a data feed, 3) trading software.

    I would like to have software that has back testing, since I would eventually like to use that feature.

    Can anyone tell me if I am on the right track and give me some suggestions or recommendations on who to use for items 1,2 and 3?

  5. SellShort


    To PlayToWin,

    I am in a similar situation as you, even though I do trade stocks and futures. I have been using web based brokers with fairly crummy software. So I am looking at kicking it up to a higher level. For this reason, I started looking at other brokers and software.

    In this quest, I ran across the NeuroShell software. It was the most expensive software that I have run across. About $5700 for the DayTrader Professional and all its' add ons. The fact that it used NN tweaked my curiosity as well. Using some dumb logic, that is, "you get what you pay for", I thought that this software might be pretty successful. That is why I was trying to find out if anyone has any experience with it. The general consensus here, is negative on NN, and that just as good results can be obtained without NN.

    Now the Genesis software was recommended by my broker. I am not sure what kind of stake he has in it, but if the software is as good as my broker, than it is totally useless. :p So that is why I asked about the Genesis software. It is also fairly expensive, so something I wouldn't jump into unless it got great reviews.

    Having said all that, let me tell you what I am considering doing. I'll start off with a disclaimer, that I have NOT tried these brokers or software. I only know what I read and learned on web sites and through correspondence.

    I am considering MB Trading as my direct access broker. I was considering Terra Nova but they have been unresponsive to my email inquiries. And it appears that the only software that will integrate with them is RealTick. That's ok if you just want to use RealTick. RealTick starts out at $150/mo. as well. MB Trading has a universal account, with no monthly minimums and no inactivity fees. The MBT Navigator software is free. Level II data is $25/mo., but is waived if you have a min. $ or min. number of trades per month. They have trailing stops and can be integrated with other software, like eSignal.

    As far as software with back testing, I am looking at eSignal 7.6. I have no idea how difficult the back test coding is or how extensive the back testing capabilities of this software is. But their software is free with the basic data feed, $75/mo. or $49/mo. (annual prepay). You don't need level II data if you are getting it from MB for free. This software can also be fully integrated to MB. And the eSignal data feed can be used with a number of different software platforms.

    So for $49/mo. (annual prepay), I believe this is a good place to start.

    If anyone sees any mistakes or has any recommendation, please don't hesitate to respond, all comments and additional info are welcomed.
  6. PlayToWin


    Thanks for the info SellShort. I will check into your suggestions and into TradeStation. It looks like Wealth-Lab is popular too.
  7. traderob


    I use esignal but the full version, not the $49. Otherwise you have to pay extra $50 for more than 50 symbols and another $50 if you want futures.....
  8. SellShort


    Good point roberk, I thought the basic had 100 symbols.

    Since PlayToWin has never traded before, I thought the basic would be good to start with and then move up when required.
  9. eSignal Support

    eSignal Support eSignal

    The symbol count for eSignal Basic was increased from 50 to 100 earlier this year.

    In case it helps, there's just a few key differences between Basic and Premier:

    * Basic includes 100 symbols, Premier 200.
    * Basic subs can take any Equity exchange and a few selected Futures exchanges (namely CME emini and CBOT mini).
    * Premier subs can take any Equity exchange and any Futures exchange.
    * With Basic, you get our Standard Charting package but no Advanced Charting.
    * With Premier, you get access to our Advanced Charting, which includes backtesting, custom formula language (EFS), etc.

    Typically, Equity or emini traders using a third party (like Ensign, Metastock, QuoteTracker, etc), or those not interested in charting, are the best candidates for Basic. Most others typically subscribe to Premier with one exception. If you want to track Stock and Index Options (OPRA), you need the full eSignal service.

    Hope that helps.
    #10     May 22, 2004