Analysis of the World

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Spectre2007, Jan 27, 2007.

  1. The world economic cycle has not peaked yet. The globe is flooded with cheap liquidity. World real estate prices are moving higher. New economies coming online: Russia, China, East Bloc, and India.

    The stock market cycle wont turn till old highs are tested. On all major indicies. Nasdaq is still off by a signigicant percentage from its all time highs.

    Things are looking brighter for Japan, they are expected to raise rates next month. Cheap Yen will still fund speculative ventures throughout the region for awhile even with BOJ raising.

    Established trends in GBP/JPY, will continue. As the Nikkei progresses so will USD/JPY. Euro's short term bearish stint will be fleeting. EUR/JPY has created a double top of sorts with lots of stops built there.

    Bond yields are rising if not stubbornly, from global speculative pressures. Equities are on the whole are 'long' biased. When the last long is forced to exit Oil thats when Oil will bottom out. Industrial metals are turning higher.

    A new wave of technology, VDA's voice digital assistants, a link up between phone companies and search engines will use voice recognition to search the internet for information on request. No video screen needed, totally audio in nature.

    Which ever phone company enables this feature will come under speculative pressure, similar to Google. The twin towers are being rebuilt, the 'tower index' asserts that Bull cycles peak when towers of magnitude are built.