Analysis of Monthly Commodity Charts

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Spectre2007, Mar 16, 2007.

  1. Most commodities are in long term bullish phases, mainly benefitting from devaluation in the dollar.

    Palladium seems to be very attractive on a long term basis. The grains are in a bullish phase.

    Wheat should start enjoying inflows, intermediate term its consolidating gains. Best to stay away from it till downward trendline is busted definitively.

    Livestock seems to be readying to push higher, breakout.

    Energy seems to be in a downward phase consolidating gains, one final bear attempt with strength. Oil to 40 dollars.

    All those underdeveloped people with newfound wealth need to dress better. Cotton should enjoy inflows.

    Industrial metals aluminum and copper should succumb with recession fears similar to lumber. Lumber will enjoy summer minor retrace.

    Out of all the charts Palladium seems most attractive.

    palladium is mainly used in catalytic converters. All that newfound wealth in China and India, auto production should increase respectively as 'green' standards are imposed.
  3. ``China's investment growth is too high, lending growth too fast, liquidity excessive and trade and international payments very imbalanced,'' Wen said at a news conference in Beijing yesterday. Energy efficiency and environmental protection issues haven't been ``properly resolved,'' he said.