analysing level 2 depth

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by assafe, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. assafe


    guys i need some help for trading with level 2
    is there a web site that can teach me how to trade on level 2 or how i can calculate the order size impact basicly i want to calculate which one is stronger the bid or the ask
    would some one be able to help with this

  2. Bonpara


    There is no way to know that now a days with all the dark books and refreshing orders.
  3. assafe


    there has to be a formula to calculate this instantly for a short term
  4. Tums


    study market profile first...
    it is not about trading L2,
    but it will help you understand L2.
  5. I make my living off the LII.

    I was taught a little... but the first two months they taught me NOTHING. They wanted me to learn to look at myself and form my own opinions and develop creativity instead of being a robot.

    What they taught me after that, is now completely outdated and useless. I had to figure out the new shit on my own.

    So not the advice you want to hear...

    but watch it for 2 weeks on demo, then watch it and trade 100 shares afterwards. If after 6 or 9 months you really don't see anything, this is the wrong business for you.