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  1. The market action over the last few weeks made me think of the bears urinating and defecating in a sacred place which is guarded by the bulls, who step in each time to clean up the mess. But as it gets cleaned up, more bears come in (they especially enjoy pissing in clean places) and spill more of their fluids. Since the bulls are paid fixed daily wages, they become very discontent, as they have to work more and more for the same pay. Gradually, they become sloppy in performing their responsibilities, leaving scattered pieces of bear shit here and there. It becomes stinky in there, so some bulls resign their positions altogether, leaving even more work for the remaining bulls. This trend will continue until it becomes so nasty in there that bears would want to find a better place.
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    Get outside, go for a walk, play some golf, walk on the beach, whatever it takes. Sounds like you are losing your mind a bit.

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    make wine making your hobby,you can drink the fruits of your labor:D
  4. Go back to your Columbus-Ohio dorm room, do your arithmetic homework, then work out in the weight room, drink some Canadian beers, hook up with a freaky Asian chick, take a shower, go to bed and wake up clearheaded without your useless bull-bear analogy.
  5. Hey lets leave professional football teams out of this.
  6. Sounds if you need to clear your head of animal watersports and scat stuff.