Analogies with Physics

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    For those that understand particle physics, think about this analogy: option traders positions + a risk neutral perpspective, act as the "Higgs field" on the markets,

  2. You shouldn't be trading you should be teaching!
  3. think only about

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    I suggest you mention this to Benoit Mandelbrot and Nassim Taleb.
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    My daughter's sixth grade class invited parents to "Technology Week." In this class, the kids were taught how to start a business, how to market it it by creating business cards, advertisements, and basic accounting. They also did basic research on where to situate the business.

    All of this was done to teach several programs, Powerpoint, Garage Band, Photoshop and iMovie, and some basic web site creation program I can not remember. I could not believe how good these kids are. I saw my daughter's presentation (an ice cream store called Cream Scream :) ) and my jaw dropped when I saw original music, video, web sites, presentations, etc etc. She types and navigates a computer as easily as her bicycle.

    I am telling you, I hope our children don't think we are morons because by the time this generation is 20, we will look like intellectual ants.

    The teachers at this school have my highest praise. It is truly a noble profession. She wants to be a teacher. Dad would be proud.

  6. Nobility won't pay the mortgage.
  7. I think there's at least one other important one: momentum = mv. (i.e. Overbought/oversold)